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Three Ways Christmas Plays for Small Churches Can Benefit Your Church

Christmas plays for small churches are a wonderful way to reach out to your community, unite your church and celebrate the birth of Jesus. If your church is small and you’re looking for ideas to make the upcoming Christmas season more meaningful to your community and your church, consider one of the many Christmas plays for small churches available.

Here are three ways Christmas plays for small churches can make a big difference:

Community Outreach
Every church is responsible to fulfill the Great Commission and, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations.’ That’s why most churches have some form of missions program.

Fulfilling the Great Commission can involve everything from the giving of our finances to the giving of our time and from sending missionaries to foreign countries to supporting local missions at home.

Why not use the Christmas season – a time when the much of the world is focused on the holiday – to share the story of Jesus’ birth through a Christmas play?

During a holiday like Christmas, visitors are more likely to attend a special event at a church than at any other time of year. And if you involve the people of your church in a play, their family, friends and neighbors – often unbelievers – are more likely to attend to offer their support.

Take advantage of this opportunity to reach your community for Christ!

Unite The Church
Organizing a special event like Christmas plays for small churches also helps unite a fellowship with a common bond. A special event gives many church members an opportunity to serve in such areas as: acting, music, set design, costume design, stagehand, sound and lights, promotions and even hospitality.

Each of these roles offer your members an opportunity to get involved with their time and talents and make a significant contribution to a churchwide event. And that brings personal fulfillment as well as an opportunity to strengthen relationships – old and new.

Celebrate Jesus’ birth
A Christmas play also offers each church member an opportunity to focus on the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus and what that means to each personally. In a busy season where shopping, gift-giving and parties are often the primary focus, a Christmas play brings focus to the season, an opportunity to worship, and reminds each of us of the very reason for the holiday in the first place.

Clearly, a church Christmas play can provide local fellowships with way to reach out to the community, unite the church and celebrate with the greatest story ever told – and remind everyone that Jesus is the real reason for the season.

If you’re looking for Christmas plays for small churches, click here to learn more about ‘Christmas at Bethlehem Inn’.

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