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What a church of 100, a church of 2,000 and a Sri Lankan radio station did with my Christmas play …

Glenview Baptist Church, a 2,000-member church in Ft. Worth Texas, produced the play with Broadway-quality.

If you’re looking for a Christmas play that’s versatile, you might be surprised to know that Christmas at Bethlehem Inn has been presented in a variety of settings including:

* A church of less than 100 in Many, Louisiana.
* A church of more than 2,000 in Ft. Worth Texas.
* A radio audience of 50,000 in the country of Sri Lanka.

In each case, producers and directors used the gifts and talents available to them and touched lives with the story of Christmas at Bethlehem Inn.

* The church in Many presented their production simply, but with heart and emotion. Much like any small church would do.

* The church of 2,000 used a full 50+ voice choir to weave Christmas songs in between the scenes. Their actors, costumes, staging, sound and lights were Broadway-quality.

* The producer at the radio station in Sri Lanka humbly used his family as actors and recorded the script with music and sound effects in an effort to reach their nation with the gospel message one December night.

The beauty of ‘Christmas at Bethlehem Inn’ is that it works in any of these situations and will work in others such as:

* Dinner theaters

Trevor Luowyke, a producer of a Christian radio program in Sri Lanka, recruited his wife and children to play the parts in Christmas at Bethlehem Inn.

* Christian school presentations
* Children’s ministries
* Youth ministries
* Senior adult ministries

The script is the foundation of the presentation – you can add as much or as little music, costumes, set design, sound and lights as you can or want to. You can cast children, youth, adults or a mixture of all three.

The point being: you can make it your own … like the church in Louisiana, the church in Texas and the radio program in Sri Lanka.

If you haven’t read my Christmas play yet, I hope you’ll download it here and consider using it this year.

Whether your church is small, large, somewhere in-between or even a Christian radio station in a faraway land, I believe Christmas at Bethlehem Inn can work for you!

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